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Parent Engagement Events

Student Orientation – Meet the entire staff of PAE and receive student schedules, student handbooks, parent compacts, district calendars, and Parent Inv. Program information etc.

Curriculum Nights – An annual district wide open house/curriculum that provides parents and staff the opportunity to effectively discuss classroom expectations, discover ways to support the partnership and initiate the type of direct communication strategies that promote student performance.

Monthly Parent / Principal Coffee Meetings – Allow parents to impact decision making at the building level. The agenda for the coffee meetings is largely set by parent initiatives or concerns brought by the parents.

Monthly Parent / Superintendent Coffee Meetings – Allows parents to impact decision making at the district level. Like principal coffee meetings, the agenda is largely set by parent initiatives.

Volunteering Opportunities

Office Support – Show your support during the opening days of the school year by assisting in and around our school lobbies to create a helpful and welcoming environment.

Classroom- Moms and Dads – Represent other parents to achieve classroom initiatives, including classroom parties, monthly parent meetings around the district, parent workshops, reading in the classrooms and providing overall classroom support.

Parent Advisory Committee of Pontiac Academy – Join our parents as they discuss topics that promote the success of the district as a whole, including fundraising, volunteering, school events and more. Meetings occur the second Tuesday of each month, for the duration of the school year.




Parent Enrichment Programs

Parenting Workshops – Pontiac Academy for Excellence hosts monthly workshops to support parent engagement initiatives across the district. The workshops focus on supporting the role of the parent, as related to student achievement.

The first of our workshops took place on October 5, 2014 and was facilitated by Greg Anderson of the “Raise Them Up Organization”. It kick-offed a six week program starting in October, that teaches participants resume writing, interviewing, job search techniques and the core model for successful employment. Participants will receive a certificate of completion and be connected to potential job opportunities in the Pontiac community.

Parent Empowerment Day– An annual event hosted by PAE that brings together community stakeholders for the benefit of our parents and the community at large. Attendees enjoy a day of workshops and speakers, as well as food and fun for the whole family. The event aids in fostering an environment conducive to parent/community partnerships that support the district’s current agenda of safety, respect, learning and community.

PowerParentingU – Power Parenting University uses the Power of 7 to implement online life management tools designed to help parents shift their attention to the educational needs of their children. The system is designed to offer parents the strategy for improving the educational relationship between their children, themselves and the school. The Power of 7 sessions are suited for all parents, stepparents, grandparents, or others that directly or indirectly influence the educational decisions of children. Sessions include:

  • The Power of Rest & Restoration
  • The Power of Attendance
  • The Power of Home-School Communication
  • The Power of Family Home-Work
  • The Power of Family Workshops
  • The Power of Volunteering
  • The Power of School and Community Leadership
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