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Thank you for your interest in Pontiac Academy for Excellence (PAE). We are excited about the educational opportunities PAE will be able to offer the students.

To be considered for admission to Pontiac Academy for Excellence, all students must complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a completed application for each child seeking admission (see attached forms).
  2. Include with application:

A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (need to see original).

A complete health report (Kindergarten applicants only) completed by a medical personnel. Including vision (MUST HAVE) and hearing screening.

An updated immunization record (Must have the most recent immunization).

A copy of Parent/Guardian ID

¬A copy of applicant’s Last Report Card (1st thru 8th grade).

¬Transcript for High School students (9th thru 12th)

¬Must complete the Affirmation of Prior Discipline Record (Discipline record must be received before application is reviewed)

A copy of any Special Education information (if services were received)

SPECIAL NOTE: Applications will be considered incomplete unless all of the above items are included.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at (248) 745-9420.

Online Enrollment Application (Click Here)

Emergency Card Information (Click Here)

Student Handbook Agreement (Click Here)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act And Directory Information (FERPA)(Click Here)

Parental Consent for Release of Child Information for Marketing Purposes (Click Here)

Consent for Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information and Immunization Information (Click Here)

Official Record Release (Click Here)

Discipline Record (Click Here)